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BULGE BRACKET VS BOUTIQUES: Two players in the M&A arena, 04.04.2017

The following is an extract of the event “Bulge Bracket vs. Boutiques”, organized on April 4th by Bocconi Students M&A Circle, in collaboration with Bocconi Students Women in Finance, Bocconi Students Private Equity Club, and B-Lab. The conference was aimed at giving a general overview of the differences between the Bulge Bracket industry and boutiques. […]


International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate how far women have come, but also to remember how far we still need to go. We are proud to see and take part of this fastening advancement and are so thankful to all the great women and men who have fought and continue to fight for gender […]

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WHU Private Equity Conference @ Vallendar, Germany, 30.03.2017 – 31.03.2017

Are you intrigued by Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Consulting?   Don’t miss your chance to apply for the 12th Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference, which will take place the 30th and 31st of March in Vallendar, Germany.   http://campus-for-finance.com/pec/program.html   This year’s topic “Growth Driver of the New Normal? – Exploring […]


Welcome new Board Members!

2016 has been a year of achievements and growth for Women in Finance. The outgoing Board hands over to the next generation ready to meet the challenge of continuing to reach new successes.


Networking Aperitivo with Workshop @ Professional Women’s Association of Milan, 08.02.2017

Today, Women in Finance met with the network of Professional Women’s Association for a workshop co-organized by Mrs Louise Goodman, Business Communication Coach and Hooda Soodi, Life Coach Theme: the power of conversations to successfully develop meaningful relationships. Indeed, conversations are part of our daily life, whether in the professional arena or private sphere. Hence, […]


Women in Finance @ Deutsche Bank, 23.11.2016

Women in Finance had the opportunity of visiting Deutsche Bank’s Office in MIlan. WiF members got to meet and network with professionals, get inspired and learn about the different career paths that the people working at Deutsche Bank have followed. Thanks to this event, our members got an inisght into the different divisions and career […]


Women in Finance @ McKinsey, 18.11.2016

Women in Finance at McKinsey’s office! Inspired and passionate, Women in Finance had the great opportunity to visit McKinsey’s office in Milan on Friday and learned about its corporate culture and what it takes to become a McKinsey Business Analyst. Thank you McKinsey for the warm welcome! It was a pleasure meeting you!