Winning Women Leading the Way, 12.04.2017

On Wednesday, 12 April 2017, we had the honor to host an unprecedented event at Bocconi University in collaboration with Mentors4U. The event started with a talk from Stefania Boroli, co-founder of Mentors4U. “We don’t need quotas, we need a change in mentality, a change in the culture. This is the duty of the younger […]

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BULGE BRACKET VS BOUTIQUES: Two players in the M&A arena, 04.04.2017

The following is an extract of the event “Bulge Bracket vs. Boutiques”, organized on April 4th by Bocconi Students M&A Circle, in collaboration with Bocconi Students Women in Finance, Bocconi Students Private Equity Club, and B-Lab. The conference was aimed at giving a general overview of the differences between the Bulge Bracket industry and boutiques. […]


Welcome new Board Members!

2016 has been a year of achievements and growth for Women in Finance. The outgoing Board hands over to the next generation ready to meet the challenge of continuing to reach new successes.