How to Invest €1 Million, 05.03.2019

On March 5th the first event of the semester organised by Women in Finance, How to Invest €1 Million, took place at Bocconi University. The event was centred around the topic of investing and counted with the presence of three professionals, Marco Minoli, that works the hedge fund Citadel, Simona Labbate, a VP in Private Banking at […]


Workshop with Roberta Toniolo, 10.04.2018

Last week, WiF held a networking workshop hosted by Roberta Toniolo. She is currently the President of PWN Milan, which is a network of professionals and has the mission to support the advancement of career-minded women in their professional growth and development. Ms. Toniolo has developed her career in large American and European companies in the […]


International Women’s Day 2018, 08.03.2018

We had the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day  with Women in Business at Bocconi University. The event started off with a projection of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Dream, Girl” followed by an open discussion on the issues showcased and how one can translate the dream of being a female leader into practice, be it […]


Cryptocurrencies: A Future for a Self-Governed Economy? 26.02.2018

WiF, in collaboration with Bocconi Students for Fintech Evangelism and Bocconi Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association held an event at Bocconi University aimed at developing a critical view of what could become the role of cryptocurrencies and more generally crypto-assets in the future and how we can inscribe them within a long-term trend. Our panel of […]


Enterprise Value in the Digital Era, 28.11.2017

Last week, WiF had the chance to gather an incredible panel of professionals from the Italian Merchant/Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Private Equity Landscapes for the event “Enterprise Value in the Digital Era”, held at Bocconi University. The event started off with a brief introduction of our association’s purpose and goals and how we believe […]


UCL Finance Conference @ London, UK, 27.10.2017

Applications for the 2017 UCL Finance Conference are now OPEN! All students (including freshers) are encouraged to apply! Do not miss this incredible opportunity! Register now to attend one of the biggest student-run finance conferences in Europe! Learn about finance from the leaders of the industry, expand your network and maximize your chances of securing […]


Winning Women Leading the Way, 12.04.2017

On Wednesday, 12 April 2017, we had the honor to host an unprecedented event at Bocconi University in collaboration with Mentors4U. The event started with a talk from Stefania Boroli, co-founder of Mentors4U. “We don’t need quotas, we need a change in mentality, a change in the culture. This is the duty of the younger […]

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BULGE BRACKET VS BOUTIQUES: Two players in the M&A arena, 04.04.2017

The following is an extract of the event “Bulge Bracket vs. Boutiques”, organized on April 4th by Bocconi Students M&A Circle, in collaboration with Bocconi Students Women in Finance, Bocconi Students Private Equity Club, and B-Lab. The conference was aimed at giving a general overview of the differences between the Bulge Bracket industry and boutiques. […]