About Us

Women in Finance (WiF) is an association at Bocconi University that is completely focused on creating a platform for collaboration among female students interested in finance – it was recently founded by eight ambitious students who are enthusiastic about starting their careers in the financial sector. We plan on reaching our overarching goal by creating networking opportunities with our corporate partners and with Bocconi alumni. At the same time we want to foster our members’ personal and professional development with workshops, panels, and events, coupled with quality advice on recruiting and internships.

We believe that creating a strong network of young women interested in finance will enhance career opportunities for female students at Bocconi University, building strong relationships within the association as well as with our corporate sponsors and partners.


Meet our founding members!

Our values


Foster relationships between our association's members


Help our members in developing a passion and interest for the world of finance


Promote the involvement of top-performing and motivated Bocconi female students

Women Empowerment

WiF contributes to the empowerment of female students by giving them academic and professional support
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Our Founding Members

Anisah Mahomed

Beatrice Lattuada

Carlotta Riganti

Corina Marin

Erika Terrones-Shibuya

Eugenia Macchioni

Fiammetta Galzerano

Francesca Pittaccio

Giorgia Caruso

Giselle Chow

Giulia Ballabio

Jessica Caputo

Julia Delaitte

Linda Du

Martina Cimarosa

Melania Maffei

Paola Vivoli

Rachel Zhang

Sara Laquintana

Sara Toninelli

Simonetta La Monaca

Xiaolu Wang

Paola Najar – President

Rebecca Drudi – Vice President

Chiara Cassiano – Treasurer

Katharina Brenninkmeyer – Secretary

Sofia Vianello – Head of Networking

Yathiwadee Anankul – Head of Communication

Alice Schenato – Chairwoman

Giada Yan Yue Zhang – Chairwoman

Roberta Montesano – Chairwoman

Adelina Simionov

Adrienne Kay Suhm

Alice Baschetti

Allison Kuo

Anastasiia Gamanilova

Anxhela Isaraj

Beatrice Ballestrero

Beatrice Luison

Camilla Veroni

Chiara Cassiano

Chiara Andrea Tomasi

Clarissa Mariani

Constanze Alves

Danica Averion

Emma Artigues

Fiona Huang

Giulia Federica Panzeri

Inderpreet Kaur

Iuliana Golub

Joanna Aretha Nurman

Maud Beldent

Natalia Kovalenko

Nicole Mingazzini

Patricia Bronder

Sara Facchi

Simona La Porta

Weijia Lin



By joining Women in Finance you will get exposure to like-minded people who enjoy banking and finance as much as you do.


By joining Women in Finance you will get exposure to like-minded people who enjoy banking and finance as much as you do.