International Women’s Day 2018, 08.03.2018

We had the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day  with Women in Business at Bocconi University.

The event started off with a projection of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Dream, Girl” followed by an open discussion on the issues showcased and how one can translate the dream of being a female leader into practice, be it through conquering the entrepreneurial arena or climbing up the corporate ladder.

“Dream, Girl” is a documentary film directed by Erin Bagwell, showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. It premiered in May 2016 at the White House, and then was showcased at NASA, Google, Goldman Sachs and many other global organizations.

We enjoyed the opportunity to get together and to reflect upon the issues relating to gender equality. We believe that through collaboration and support, we are progressing – both individually and collectively.


Happy International Women’s Day!